Ugly dog 2

On Friday 24th, the annual World Ugliest Dog Contest took place. Several dogs participated in the contest, which was hosted in Petaluma, California. A blind seventeen year old Chinese Crested Chihuahua named Sweepee Rambo won the trophy along with a $1,500 prize.

Chinese crested Chihuahua,Sweepee Rambo with her owner, Jason Wurtz.

I think you would agree with me that Sweepee Rambo rightfully earned this title, I guess this shows that any dog can be loved. Here are some of the other contestants:

Ugly dogHimisaboo with Heather Wilson

ugly dogRascal Deux of Sunnyvale

Rue of Linden. Ugliest dogsRue of Linden

ugliest dogsMonkey, a Brussels Griffon owned by Scotch Hayley

ugliest dogsLinda Elmquist of Tucson, Ariz, held Josie.


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