The Pent Dog show is a charity event that is held annually at the African Union Hall (University of Ghana), to create an avenue for dog lovers and breeders to socialize. Awards in the form of medals and certificates are given to dogs and owners who participate in the event.

The various categories for awards include;

✔  *most obedient*: dog that responds to basic obedience commands

✔ *best groomed*: the general appearance of the dog, neatness, cleaned ears, no bad odor, trimmed nails

✔ *most famous*: dog that is well known in the dog circles and beyond. (His /her name should be associated with something relevant in the dog circles)

✔ *best 6 legs*: one should be able to see a good connection between the owner/handler of the dog and the dog itself. There should be good understanding between the two

✔ *dog of the day*: this goes to the dog that carries the day. The dog that leaves a mark at Pent Dog Show 2017

✔ *best performer/entertainer*

✔ *best breed club*; this was a new thing to keep motivating our hardworking breed clubs.

✔ *veteran of the day*: dogs above 6years who have contributed their best and are nearing retirement or are retired. Owner were to present a valid document to prove age.

The Pent Dog show winners were selected either by public voting or by judges

Event sponsors:

Animalito Vet.
DMK Kennel
Roni Kennels
Tunix Auto Gh
Kissidoff Company Limited
Royal Eagle Inc.

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