Bringing a new puppy home is such a joy that even the preparations before the puppy comes are easy and fun. If you properly puppy-proof your home and set some rules from the beginning, your young puppy will grow up to be a perfect family dog. Here’s how to prepare your home for a new puppy.

Designate a space for your new dog

Young dogs can easily get overwhelmed by too many new sights, sounds and smells, so it’s a good idea to keep them in the designated room at first. Usually, people confine their new dog to the kitchen or den. This way, your dog will get to roam around and explore while staying safe, and it’s much easier for you to keep track of your pup and clean after it.

Get all the necessary equipment

Don’t bring the puppy home (try to resist those sad eyes) until you have all the necessary equipment. If you choose to crate train your dog, make sure to get a crate the puppy can stand up in and lie down comfortably, and put a soft bed inside. Choose a bedding that’s easy to maintain, can be machine-washed, and is soft and comfy. Getting puppy pads is also a good idea, at least for the first few days. Puppies are like small kids and they need time to get hold of their bodily needs, so have patience and be understanding.

Additionally, buy some food for your new dog, and make sure it’s specifically formulated for puppies and appropriate for your dog’s breed. There are many types and brands on the market, but you should talk to your vet about what dog food to give to your dog. Vets usually know the best quality foods and can also give you advice on how much and how often you should feed your dog.

Puppy-proof it

The area you choose for your new puppy should be clean and safe. You should remove all wires and other things your pup can chew on; remove all ornaments and things the dog can break, and also remove everything else you don’t want to be destroyed or soiled.

Make sure to put away all hazardous substances and chemicals such as cleaning products, meds, vitamins, plants, garbage, and specific foods. Place them on a high shelf or put them away in a locked cabinet.

You might also want to protect your furniture, floors and rugs. It’s a great idea to get some machine-washable throws over sofas and get a sturdy and easy to maintain your rug. These will help keep your home clean and odor-free.

Buy toys and collars

Puppies are super curious, so you must provide them with something to chew on if you want to keep your home in one piece. Be careful when choosing the toys because some are not appropriate for young pups and can actually be health hazards. Another thing you have to buy is a collar. They usually come in different sizes, so pick the one that’s appropriate for your dog’s size.

Set some rules

If you want to have a harmonious life with your pet, setting rules and routines is very important. Consistency is something dogs love and understand, so make sure to set some routines. Puppies will usually try to experiment with different behaviors to see what works best, so praise the good behaviors and punish the bad (but violence is never acceptable). The more consistent you and other family members are, the quicker your new dog will learn how to behave.

Puppies are the sweetest and most lovable creatures in the world, so do everything in your power to make the life of your pup happy and comfortable. The love you’ll get in return is priceless.


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