A well-behaved and well-trained dog is a blessing, but as we all know, nothing good comes easy. Training a dog can be a long and tedious process, but if you know the right things to do, the process can be much simpler.

There are a number of benefits that come with having a well-trained dog, for example, it’s easier to let your dog go off-leash in public areas. You can call your dog back if there are fast cars or aggressive animals around.

Training an adult dog is a bit more complicated than training a puppy, but with the right motivation and attention, you can help them learn the basic commands. If you want to know how to train an adult dog to learn basic commands, read the steps below.

Here are some basic commands that you can teach your dog:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Leave It or Drop It

How to teach your dog a “Come” command?

Train your Adult Dog to Learn Basic Commands

The “Come” is a basic command that you can teach your adult dog. It can keep them safe from possible dangers. You can train your adult dog the come command by following these steps:

  • Start on a leash in a quiet area.
  • Increase the distance between you and your dog and ask him to come.
  • Encourage your dog to come to you and give him treat and praises if he obeys your command.
  • Increase the distance and change the location as your dog begins to obey your commands.

How to teach your dog a Sit command?

Sit” is the easiest command to train your dog. It is the obedience command, and you can use it to keep your dog calm and seated.

Train your Adult Dog to Learn Basic Commands
  • Hold a treat in your hand and bring it closer to your dog’s nose.
  • Your dog will follow your hand; you can move your hand up because it will make his bottom go down.
  • By following your hand, your dog will sit down and say the Sit command and give him a treat.
  • Repeat the command when you are walking and during meals.

How to teach your dog a Stay command?

Stay” command will teach your dog self-control. This command is easier to train when your dog is adept at the Sit command.

  • First, command your dog to sit
  • Open the palm of your hand in front of your dog.
  • Say the command “stay”.
  • Take a step back if he follows your command and give him treat.
  • Increase the distance and repeat the command again.
  • Always give a treat to your dog if he follows your command.
  • Don’t punish your dog if he takes time to master this command.

How to teach your dog a “Leave it” command?

Train your Adult Dog to Learn Basic Commands

The “Leave It” command is an essential command that will keep your adult dog away from swallowing dangerous things.

  • To start this command, put your dog in the sit position
  • Take a treat in both hands.
  • Show your dog the treat in one hand.
  • Your dog will start trying to get the gift from your hand.
  • Order your dog to “leave it”.
  • Once your dog stops trying to get a treat, give him from the other hand.
  • Keep training your dog by changing your hand.
  • Don’t rush the process it takes time to master this command.

As mentioned above, training an adult dog is difficult but not impossible. Adult dogs will take time to learn the basic command but with patience and positive reinforcement you can train any dog.