Trimming a dog’s nail can cause anxiety and panic for both the dog (because it’s not comfortable or familiar with the process) and the owner (fear of causing injury to the dog). 

The first step in cutting your dog’s nails is the choice of instrument. Only nail trimmers made for a dog is recommended for use. Scissors style clippers should be used for tiny puppies and small dogs while a large nail clipper is recommended for adult and large breed dogs. Your dog is due for a trim when you start noticing that the nail is overgrown and touching the floor.

Inside a dog’s nail is a vein called the kwik. This vein is the cause of bleeding that occurs when trying to trim your dog nails. If a dog has a white nail, it is easier to cut the nail because you can see the vein and avoid it. However, for black nails, it is impossible to see the vein and more difficult to trim. The best way to avoid injury in both cases is to trim gradually.

How To Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Most dogs do not cooperate for nail trimming at home due to past traumatic experiences or how uncomfortable the trimming process is. In such dogs, you will need the help of someone who can gently help you restrain. You can also provide treats to your dog during and after nail trimming to create a good memory of the process.  If you mistakenly cut into the vessel of your dog’s nail, apply digital pressure on the nail till the blood stops. If the blood did not cease after a while, kindly see your veterinarian as soon as possible.