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Woofline Pets Community was created with one purpose in mind; to create a hub where people who share a common interest in their love for animals can interact and share ideas with the overall objective of improving the lives of animals within the community at large.


The Woofline Pet Community was created to give you an opportunity to:
  • Connect: As a member of our community, you get to connect with other pet lovers/owners for any of the following purposes: to find a mate for your pet, find a puppy, connect with people who might be looking to adopt a pet, put up your pet for adoption and interact with breeders.


  • Showcase Your Pets: Create a beautiful gallery of your pets (photos and videos) and share details on what makes them unique with the rest of the community.


  • Share Knowledge and organize events: Share knowledge of your skills in animal development with other members of the community. Join/Create groups within the community to organize event and so much more.


  • Learn: Learn from other members of the community about tips on pet care, training, photography and so on. 


Pet lovers who aren’t pet owners are welcome to join our community.

Our Pet Community Rules: Publishing content unrelated to animals is prohibited, advertising products and selling of pets within the platform is also not allowed, read our Terms of Use to know more. Please send an email to [email protected] for further enquiries.