Indoor dogs are a delight. Long gone are days when our dogs used to live in a backyard as we all want our dogs cuddling into our beds at times. Unlike the old belief of keeping dogs outside your home treating them as protectors, a dog now forms an integral part of the household. For any dog owner, a dog is whom he or she talks to and gives utmost care and keep a caring eye over to ensure its wellbeing.
With so much love for your dog, you definitely do not want it to stay outside your homes. That is why most pet shops suggest you get an indoor dog enclosure so that you can keep your dog right in front of your eyes all the time. There are several benefits of getting an indoor dog enclosure. This can serve as a playpen for your dog as well as a kennel for it to rest.

The plus points of having your dog within an indoor enclosure are:

  • To preserve your interiors from their scratchy paws. Some dogs have a habit of scratching at curtains, cushions, and upholstery. It can be a great disappointment to come home to find a torn curtain or upholstery which you chose and spent a lot of money on. So, to ensure that this does not happen while you are away, you can keep the dog within an indoor dog enclosure. Also, as the dog is right in front of your eyes, you can immediately stop any developing misbehaviour. This way, your dog becomes more accustomed to your place.
  • To keep it safe from predators. If you have a small dog which faces the risk of being attacked by stray street dogs, you need to keep a look out for dangers. The dog can run into trouble anytime. So, to keep it safe and prevent any attacks from happening, while you are out or busy working, you can keep your dog in an indoor enclosure. This way, you can work or leave home with the peace of mind that your beloved dog is away from any danger.
  • They are your natural vacuuming machine: All the food you drop while eating, you do not have to worry about cleaning it up as your dog is going to clean it up. With an indoor dog enclosure, it is easy to train your dog for its daily activities and thus, it becomes more meticulous and neat. No matter how dearly you love your dog, you do not want it to keep creating a mess. With an enclosure right within the house, you can keep an eye on it and train it well.
  • Better care: When the dog is always around you, you can snuggle and cuddle it all the time. Also, you can keep a careful eye on it and thereby spot any signs of sickness easily. The dog comes closer to you in this process and you always have a companion to confide in. With the dog staying indoors, it is less likely to catch any allergies from the polluted outdoor environment and is less likely to eat things off the ground that may be harmful to its health.
  • Closer to your heart: With dogs constantly being around within your home in an indoor dog enclosure, the dog slowly becomes an integral part of your family and if there are any children in the house, they benefit from having a companion to play with and nurture. It is said that kids who grow up with dogs have higher levels of empathy.

All these benefits of having your dog in an indoor dog enclosure are incomparable to those of an outdoor enclosure.